Monday, January 26, 2015

Reliable Relief From Bone And Joint Pain and Reliable Answers To Overcoming Spousal Objections

Products are the Business: Paulette shares info on one of Melaleuca’s “gateway” (opens doors) products, Replenex Extra Strength. She tells us about the market, the science and the importance of sharing your own experience with this incredible product. Paulette creates analytical understanding, as she always does. No one is better. Then Ed tells his own Replenex ES story.

Your diligent follow up will help you take advantage of the extended (till January end) $1 memberships. Those you enroll in January can use those $1 memberships through February to help THEM get a fast start. You can get all of the information about the “Atlantis Getaway” contest on the Melaleuca website (

At the beginning of our business development segment, Paulette introduces a special guest, Kara Horat, Senior Director VIII. Paulette provides her background, and then Kara shares her story. She married her boss, when they worked together in the tech industry. The move to California got them intrigued with real estate and, later, property management. Then came the recession. That’s when Kara got serious about Melaleuca, as a Plan B. As you can guess, it is now her Plan A. Ed and Paulette comment throughout Kara’s and about how important the “Melaleuca Drip” is to growing your business.

Kara then moves on to tell us the value of the “Melaleuca and the Spouse”. She shares techniques and tools to help overcome, what can be a challenge to a growing Melaleuca business. A great dialogue between Kara, Ed and Paulette that will help you understand and navigate this potential roadblock. You will find out that, sometimes, it isn’t the spouse at all, but when it is, here are some skillful ways to address it WITH PATIENCE. Use non-defensive energy. Thanks for being such a wonderful complement to our call, Kara.

Paulette draws attention to some information and scheduling that is available here on the blogspot, including some upcoming MGGG webinars. Remember the MGGG subscription is available to everyone; so don’t decide for him or her. Let them decide for themselves if they want to invest in growing their business.

115 days until Convention 2015, “Lives Change Here”. Will you go and change yours? Will your Team? … Just sayin’.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Improve Your Smile And Smile At The Improvements, When You Understand Your Enrollments

Products are the Business: Paulette begins with the Dental Pack, which happens to be a special savings (save 11%). Ed and Paulette both give us personal examples of how it worked for them and for others. So save your teeth and gums, while you save some money. Paulette explains what is in the dental pack and why it will work so well for you and those with whom you share it.

Here, Paulette shares a new excerpt. 50% of all Americans suffer from Magnesium deficiency. Oligo can help. Further, she shares the role pizza, that’s right; pizza plays in the growing rate of childhood obesity. Koala Pals (and shakes) are part of the fix.

January $1 memberships end tomorrow at midnight, but your January enrollments can enroll up to 20 during February. That gives your new enrollments quite a jump-start. Can you say, “new Director”? Don’t forget the Atlantis “Getaway” contest.

Then, Paulette moves to our business development segment where she touches on “why do people stop”, after they had every intention of succeeding as a business builder? She and Ed, then discuss the concept and the percentage of emotion vs. logic in making a decision. Both men AND women are more influenced by emotion (80%) than logic. People, men and women, commit to pleasure and feeling good, about you, your products, about the business and, consequently about themselves. In other words, if they think they can... they can.

They continue with many of the aspects of how emotion drives the success of your business builders and your own business, by visiting, in depth, the 10 reasons why people stop, when they INTENDED to succeed. Part of it… emotion gives you RESOLVE. If you don’t inspire them, not just inform them; they likely, will not succeed. These 10 reasons can make the difference in winning and losing. Can you afford NOT to hear them?

Cisco Holland will be doing a training webinar on the MakeGreenGoGreen system, again this week (Sunday). The information and the registration link are right here on the blogspot. Convention 2015 is only 122 days away and your life can change there… but only if you ARE there.

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Learn how to use the system to set appointments, develop leadership, educate your team, and so much more! This turnkey system will help you develop depth in your business to ensure duplication.

Please register for "Understanding The MakeGreenGoGreen System" on Jan 25, 2015 9:00 PM EST at:

This webinar is a full walk through of the MakeGreenGoGreen System.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Craveblockers Excuse The Hunger From The Brain And The Stomach; There Is No Excuse For Our Excuses.

Products Are The Business: Today’s product is the new Attain Craveblocker formula in both bars and shakes. Paulette tells you they work because they “squash” hunger in the stomach and in the brain. That’s WHY they work. Paulette continues with HOW they work and a new Special “bundle” price. Call someone, today, and tell him or her about the $5.50 savings.

Nine days remain of $1 memberships and, remember, your January enrollments can use $1 enrollments through February to help “jump-start” their business. Then, you will hear about the Atlantis get-away contest. Paulette goes on to address the quality of Melaleuca’s on-line explanation of “Which Pack Is Right For You?” and the recent Study in Freiburg. Again, make outbound calls. There is no follow up like the one from YOU.

Ed then talks about becoming a better leader, to open our business development segment. He addresses, further, the importance of outbound calls and showing your customers and business builders that you care. He does an illustration of a small customer, named John, and the revenue, even a small customer can generate over time. Paulette, then, talks about the bane of making excuses and self-sabotage. Then, she and Ed do a comical exchange about making excuses. It is really a lot of laughs, but a lot of serious reflection, too. ALL of us are guilty of some of these. Hearing it will help you realize it is true. Forget the word “I”, it is not about you, it is about them. That’s the way to get passed excuses.

The fun with Paulette and Ed continues, as they show us how foolish excuses really are. From cookouts to Easter, they make us laugh at the silliness of excuses. Our own excuse stories are all in here. Laughs we should all take seriously. Ed wraps it up with the value of the Make Green business cards and an explanation of how to use them effectively. Everything is painful until you learn it and do it well and that begins with practice, not procrastination. Persevere, people, and then you can believe in yourself.

All this information is being posted on the Leadership Connection blogspot, along with the Delivering Wellness times and dates. May 14 is Convention 2015 and it’s in 129 days. NO excuses.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

VALUE TIP OF THE WEEK: Peak Performance Packs

Hi there
Have you ever wondered if any of the supplements you were taking or any of the claims made about them were true? 
Now there is solid, indisputable proof that our Peak Performance Pack delivers improvement in more than 25 key health markers including:
Heart [cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure]
Cellular [better cellular energy requiring less beats per minute AND dramatic decrease in inflammation & free radical activity] and
Metabolic health [blood sugar]--!!

You can find all the information on this exciting study at

Thank you again for shopping with Melaleuca and being my customer - I appreciate you.

Talk soon,

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Scheduled Webinars:

Understanding MakeGreenGoGreen With Cisco Holland Sunday January 11th 9:00 PM EST-

Delivering Wellness Webinars: Please be sure to appropriately credit the Presentation Points!

Sunday January 11th 6:30 PM EST - 7:30 With Lydia Diveto

Monday January 12th 8:00 PM EST - 9:00 With Chris Davidson

Thursday January 15th 7:30 - 8:30 PM EST With Lydia Diveto

Monday January 19th 8:00 PM EST - 9:00 With Chris Davidson

Thursday January 22nd 7:30 - 8:30 PM EST With Lydia Diveto

Sunday January 25th 6:30 PM EST - 7:30 With Lydia Diveto

Monday January 26th 8:00 PM EST - 9:00 With Chris Davidson

Thursday January 29th 7:30 - 8:30 PM EST With Lydia Diveto

Monday February 2nd 8:00 PM EST - 9:00 With Chris Davidson

Thursday February 5th 7:30 - 8:30 PM EST With Lydia Diveto

Monday February 9th 8:00 PM EST - 9:00 With Chris Davidson

Monday February 16th 8:00 PM EST - 9:00 With Chris Davidson

Monday February 23rd 8:00 PM EST - 9:00 With Chris Davidson

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Products; New Research; Guess They Meant New Day.

Products are the Business: Paulette reviews some of the new products, introduced at Launch. The new Protein Bars leadoff, then her discussion moves to the 10 billion pro-biotics in the new Florify (used to be 5B). She, then, reviews much of the balance of the introductions, most in great detail.

Incentives in January begin with $1 enrollments until January 20, and then those enrollments can enroll at $1, through January and February. The Peak Performers Contest is discussed here in detail. Paulette shares that everyone loves to go on a trip, but it’s money that most would not normally spend from their family’s budget. This is FREE. The information is right here.

Eddie begins the business development segment by giving us his “take” on all the news at Launch, including his perspective on using discipline in sharing the results of the Freiburg Study. Ed and Paulette share many of the fine points in many of the articles in the current Melagram, which you will receive in your January order, and the exciting news that this research contains.

They discuss Frank’s comments about the new headquarters expansion, which allows us to provide 3X the volume of which we are currently capable. And Ed briefs us on his new resolve to lose significant weight in 2015. All this news gives him the confidence and focus that he will accomplish his goal. Paulette goes into more detail on the Study and the Peak Performance Pack’s ability to improve your health. You will find lots of information on what’s in the new Total Peak Performance Pack, what’s in it and why you need it. Then Ed does some math of his own on his “new” regimen.

Paulette directs us to her video on Make Green Go Green that talks about “… can you afford NOT to take vitamins. Then she tells us how to get people to pay attention to the results of the Freiburg Study and use them to your benefit without “boggling” their mind with the science. This is POWERFUL information, so don’t miss it.

Our next big “life changing” event is Convention 2015. It is in 136 days. PREPARE.

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