Monday, May 18, 2015

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We are excited to announce the launch of our new website,! Going forward all of Monday's Leadership Connection Calls will be posted on the new site, as well as, webinars and additional information.

Monday, May 11, 2015

You Can’t Have Million Dollar Dreams With A Minimum Wage Work Ethic

Products are the Business: Today, Paulette discusses Phytomega, with a customer example. It involves our concept of “switching stores” and how much people spend in other places. Paulette’s customer was spending tons in other places and Phytomega was the driver because she was taking Staten drugs for cholesterol @ $59 a month. A great example of how to overcome the 35-point requirement for preferred customer status.

May incentives of $1 memberships end on May 14th. You can extend it at a rate of one for every enrollment you achieve between the 1st and the 14th of May. The discussion shifts to the things you should know about Convention, from comfortable shoes to the weather. All things you need to know, if you are going (you are, aren’t you?). Paulette also touches on the need to have appointments set for your return—before you leave. Ed and Paulette then discuss the post Convention summary meeting you should have with your team, when you get back. Share the excitement!

Paulette then moves to a focus on having a “million dollar” work ethic. Ed shares his own earnings history to illustrate how important it is. Then Ed and her go through the seven attributes that create that million-dollar work ethic. These things will make a difference in the way your business grows and, ultimately, your success. Ed tells a great story, to emphasize balance, about an experience with a potential enrollment he met while doing his banking. Paulette and Eddie examine these attributes in depth and there is a tremendous amount for you to learn from their dialogue.

Paulette shifts the conversation to the R.M. Barry books and how important they are to a successful Melaleuca life. They are available on the MGGG system at a special price. Ed says that he “cut his teeth” on these two books and adds that 200 sets of these books will be given away at the special MGGG presentation following Friday’s final workshop at Convention. It will be open to subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

Enjoy Convention as a learning experience and you will come home a better business builder.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Leadership, Balance, Focus and Flat Spots. It’s All Here.

Products are the Business: Our featured product today is the Sun Shades Summer Fun Pack, which, at 29.99 is a great deal at a great time. Skin cancer, Paulette says and as you know, is at nearly epidemic levels. She then continues to explain these great Melaleuca products, how to use them, and how to choose them.

Paulette congratulates everyone on achieving the “Atlantis Getaway”. Then she helps with an explanation of how to keep track of your points until July 31st. Great clarification. The May incentives are underway and include $1 memberships, until May 14th, then you can extend your own incentives to the end of the month with $1 memberships by the number of enrollments you have from May 1 thru May 14.

Next, in our business development segment, Paulette and Eddie tell us the curriculum and expectations for Convention 2015. Paulette explains how important our e-mails are to helping respond on our calls with LC content.

Ed then introduces the story of Chris Davidson with Chris, himself, feeding back right here and talking about his success in his own Melaleuca business. Chris opens with a thank you to Ed and Paulette and then shares some terrific stories about his won success and challenges. There is a lot to learn from Chris’ experiences. He tells us that attitude is everything in making Convention a meaningful and constructive endeavor. You’ll get an excellent perspective from Chris, Ed and Paulette’s conversation about “flat spots” and how they can occur when you are out of balance and focused on yourself. You will learn a lot about good leadership.

Paulette then makes a personal request that we pay attention to our language on Facebook, LinkedIn and all of the social media. Then she clarifies exactly what some of the language should be. Ed then announces that there will be an MGGG presentation following the last session of Convention 2015 and you are all invited. Talk to you again, next week on the Leadership Connection.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Liabilities You Need To Turn Into Assets…And You Can.

Products are the Business: There is a special on triple antibiotic and bandages. Buy it and save $3 on the two. Ed shares a personal story about his use of them recently. Paulette tells us how and why to use this combo special.

Incentives are still in effect until April 30th. Free Peak Performance Packs. March enrollments can enroll for $1 and qualifying for the “Atlantis Getaway” all comes to an end on April 30th. Now is the time to finish first.

Paulette then share the importance of attending the upcoming Convention with the right mindset, so prepare properly. Use this time to plan how you are going to use what you get from Convention upon your return. Ed tells us that Convention provides inspiration NOT motivation. Motivation should already live within you. He tells us about his daughter (and MGGG’s own), Ashley’s pending attendance. Vision, he says, will create posture. Go there to build Faith in yourself and in your commitment. Paulette touches on “getting out of your own comfort zone”. Use Convention to identify the changes you need to make in yourself and in your business. Then, make them.

An MGGG system discussion with Ed and Paulette follows. The importance of the system is your ability to duplicate your own revenue producing activities. They close with an invitation to a meeting following the close of convention, which will end with a special MGGG announcement.

Paulette, then, goes on to address the aspect of your own personal story. There are no bad ones. Ed supports her telling of a meeting he had, recently, with a couple of Jeff Miller’s enrollments. He was able to change their perspective of themselves. With no goals you are a ship without a rudder. Develop an Attitude of Gratitude. Control only the things you can control.

Paulette and Ed go on to discuss the three assets that will become liabilities, if you don’t address and solve them. They speak of passion and how to develop it. You need to hear this conversation, believe me. Overcome your ego. Learn the art and the discipline of the Bless and Release. Understand the importance of always using and presenting, fully, the Business Packs. Let me say again, you need to hear this. Once you do, you will know why.

Webinars are posted here on the Blogspot. Talk again next week and then, see you at Convention.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015


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Delivering Wellness with Chris Davidson

Monday May 4, 2015 9:00 PM EDT

Delivering Wellness with Lydia Diveto

Wednesday May 6, 2015 10:30 AM EDT

Delivering Wellness with Lydia Diveto

Thursday May 7, 2015 8:30 PM EDT

Delivering Wellness with Lydia Diveto

Sunday May 10, 2015 6:30 PM EDT

Delivering Wellness with Chris Davidson

Monday May 11, 2015 9:00 PM EDT


Delivering Wellness with Chris Davidson

Monday May 18, 2015 9:00 PM EDT

Delivering Wellness with Lydia Diveto

Wednesday May 20, 2015 10:30 AM EDT

Delivering Wellness with Lydia Diveto

Thursday May 21, 2015 8:30 PM EDT

Delivering Wellness with Lydia Diveto

Sunday May 24, 2015 6:30 PM EDT

Delivering Wellness with Chris Davidson

Monday May 25, 2015 9:00 PM EDT

Delivering Wellness with Lydia Diveto

Wednesday May 27, 2015 10:30 AM EDT

Delivering Wellness with Lydia Diveto

Thursday May 28, 2015 8:30 PM EDT

Monday, April 20, 2015

Jason Fisher Sustains During His Workouts; Sustains No Matter What In His Business

Products are the Business: Paulette reminds us of the $10 off a Sustain 3-pack special. She continues with the attributes and advantages of this “high grade” product, that contains 4 electrolytes (not 2, like the competition). As only she can do, Paulette explains the Melaleuca advantages in detail.

At least until tonight, you can reward new enrollments with a, $73 value, Peak Performance vitamin pack. Remember, your March enrollments can enroll for $1 until the end of April. Conclude your plans for the “Atlantis Getaway” by April 30th. See you there.

Congratulations to the overwhelming number of recent advancements, Paulette tells us how great it is to watch people advance. Ed is in the Dominican Republic, so we have a great guest this morning.

National Director VI, Jason Fisher joins us and begins with his background in an MLM that failed. He shares his early entrepreneurial bent and how he recognized early that his future was to be his own boss. He offers that having faith in other people can make huge differences in your business and your life. Choose the wrong people and you can fail. Choose the right people to put your faith in and you will succeed. Jason’s story will inspire you with what he has, both, overcome and achieved.

He believes that outside influences are not the determinants in your success; it is how you react to those outside influences that make the difference. Paulette points out that steel becomes strong by exposure to the fire. Jason and Paulette then begin a discussion of the incredible importance of the Business Packs. It is critical that YOU understand their importance and how they promote the duplication of your leadership. He explains, in detail, what a difference the Business Packs really make. Enjoy and learn from his story, right here. It is compelling. They wrap up by telling us how Business Packs are a measure of the commitment of your (or anyone’s) new enrollment and that is the key to empowering them.

Then Jason and Paulette talk about the importance of attending Convention. There are no excuses! It is your schooling, your college degree. There are just 24 days until Convention 2015. While you are there, attend the Presentation and Announcement by Eddie, Paulette and Cisco immediately following the final session. Don’t miss either one. All of the new DW info is here on the Blogspot. Have a HUGE April, everyone. 

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Monday, April 13, 2015

If You Really Want Answers, Ask Questions

Paulette opens with an awesome success story about Peak Performance vitamins and a lady that went from 19 prescriptions to 2, using the Peak Performance Pack. Incentives are a good reason for outbound calls, Eddie tells us. We have the Free Peak Performance Pack this month (until April 20th). Your March enrollments can enroll for $1, till April 30th. And there is still time to qualify for the ”Atlantis Getaway”, so get going and go.

The business development segment begins with Paulette introducing the Book of the Month. It is “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions” by John Maxwell. Paulette illustrates by having Ed ask some of the “right” questions, like “I’m not assuming you are going to do this business, but if you were would you be a 2 or a 3?” “Would you like to see your business kit?” “Are you coachable?” “What is your Why?” Ed continues with the reasons why these are some of the right questions. Paulette then moves forward with an analysis of Maxwell’s book. She and Ed engage in a “back and forth” that really provides great incite about helping people by asking questions. They review 9 of Maxwell’s questions and why they should be asked. You will gain a great deal from this narrative about the importance of asking questions.

Ed touches hard on the MakeGreenGoGreen system and how critical it is to duplicate your money-making activities through your own team members. He tells us how to do an effective inventory with team members who have “hit a flat spot”. It is important stuff to know, explained by one of the best in this business. Finally Paulette talks about how the five people you associate with the most, determine who you are. There are 3 types of people. Which one are you? Find out here with some self-introspection. This personal look at yourself will help you understand and change, if it is required.

Chris Davidson’s Grandma has passed away, so Cisco Holland will fill in for him tonight. The info is here on the blogspot. 31 days until Convention 2015. Ed, Paulette and Cisco will be holding a big event at Convention’s end that you won’t want to miss!

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