Monday, August 18, 2014

Our Founding Father Shares Some Brotherly Advice

Products are the Business: The Essential Nutrition 2-Pack (page 30 in your Summer 2014 catalog) is today’s product. At a savings of $8 over individual purchase, it is a GREAT value. Paulette then speaks about the Coldwater Omega 3 product that is part of this combo that also includes the Vitality vitamin and mineral component which makes this package a powerful supplement to a healthy, daily regimen.

Incentives are still in effect for August, so take advantage of $1 memberships while they are available and enroll 2 new quality customers (that remain through December) and be entered to win a BMW 5-Series or a Honda Odyssey van. You Pacesetter resets need to be helping your potential Directors before August 31, so line ‘em up and help ‘em up.

Ed began our business development segment by introducing a VERY special guest, Melaleuca founder and CEO, Frank Vandersloot. Frank talks about the value of nurture and the importance of the Pacesetter to your success and the success of all of your enrollments. He uses how Ed does his business and corn (don’t know if there’s a message there), as terrific illustrations of how significant it is for you to make quality presentations that include the “keeping it real” conversation with your 2s and 3s.

Following it with the value of Pacesetter will make an exponential difference, Frank continues, in how your business grows and how your enrollments rise to Senior and Executive Director. Frank says, “don’t blame the corn, until you’ve done your best job as a farmer”, then don’t hesitate to find another kernel. Frank ends by congratulating Paulette on the incredible product presentations and product knowledge she shares on this call each week. (We might add: on the MGGG system, too).

There are extremely high quality Delivering Wellness overviews taking place, all week long. You will find the info posted here on the blogspot. Convention is in 269 days. It will be here before you know it. Will you be there when it does?

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Accelerated Path to Director Outline

Remember this document is an outline, links to actually trainings may not work :) Accelerated Path to Director Outline (48 Hour strategy training) D3 in 75 Days with New Comp Plan Changes:

McKay Christensen: “Peak Performance and Performing At Your Peak”

Paulette is traveling, so she won’t be joining us. In her absence, we are extremely fortunate to be joined by Melaleuca President, McKay Christensen.

Products are the Business: Our guest, McKay, tells us about a product that has become his favorite, since it was introduced at Convention 2014, Peak Performance Pack. McKay gives us lots of facts and plenty of insight into this wonderful new product, which works for those who exercise vigorously, moderately or even seldom. Interesting stuff.

Our business development segment, today, focuses on a “quality” strategy session and its importance to developing a healthy business. Do you know all of the necessary elements? McKay begins with an analogy of Tesla Motors, a business that stumbled in its first year, only to recognize the need for a change, and change it did. Now it is the most highly rated (Consumer Reports and J.D. Power) automobile made anywhere.

Ed and McKay talk candidly about the thing that is missing, the thing that needs to change, in most of our Melaleuca businesses, a consistent and quality 48-hour strategy session (APD), after the homework lesson (both are available, automatically on the MGGG system). McKay relates some “difference in success” data and Ed mocks a conversation with a newly enrolled 2 (or 3). If you’re going to learn, who better to teach than Melaleuca’s 20 year President and Melaleuca’s top business builder…ever. The session ends, ironically, where it began with Ed and McKay calling for Peak performance in your business, by doing the 48-hour strategy session and doing it the right way.

Cisco Holland tells us that the MGGG strategy session automated document is now posted on the blogspot, along with all of the Delivering Wellness dates and times.

How are you going to top McKay? Frank Vandersloot will be joining us, as our guest, on the Leadership Connection call, next Monday. Why would you EVER miss that! 276 days “til Convention 2015. If you are serious about your business, Convention is as serious as the business gets.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Clear Your Skin And Clear Your Driveway.

Products are the Business: Today’s product is Melaleuca’s entry into the 1.2 billion dollar market that is adolescent and adult acne products. Ours is called Clarity. The Clarity “system” is a summer special at $21.99 for the five products, a savings of $5. Clarity was preferred in “blind” testing by 4 of 5 (80%) of sufferers, who saw 87% improvement in their condition. Hear more about Clarity, the competition and the value.

There was an incredible amount of positive feedback about last week’s simulcast that was hosted by Cisco Holland, titled “Starting Your New Leaders With MGGG”. “There will, Paulette says, be more of them in the future.”

There was a huge incentive announcement over the weekend. One-dollar ($1) memberships have returned for August, along with the Pacesetter reset that has been amended to include an extended deadline of October 31 to grow your business by 25 or 50 customers. You still must develop your Director by August 31st, but this extension will allow you to focus on that DI in August. Great news. Want more great news? Listen to Ed and Paulette as the inform us of a “shocking” enrollment contest that offers as a prize: a $55,000 BMW or a $47,000 Honda Odyssey mini-van. Only 2 quality enrollments get you in, if that customer remains one through December. It’s all here.

In our business development segment, Ed and Paulette talk about those incentives and how they can be your tools to avoid a “lazy” August. Ed is calling everyone who has gone “dark” in the last 4 months to re-energize them with this news. Paulette urges us to explore our customer base (1s) for referrals. That re-energizes, too and it isn’t difficult, just listen. Ed tells us how important a good August is in launching us into the best Melaleuca months of the year, September, October and November. “You can’t wait ‘till then, he tells us, you have to lay the groundwork in August.”

Finally, Paulette encourages everyone to review “On the Green Scene” and find out more about Active and Passive attention. It will give you insight about how to manage yourself and your time as a resource to your team and your business.

It is now 283 days until Convention 2015. Attending can be the breakthrough in your business and your life. Can you find the time? Can you NOT?

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Your Digestive System and Digesting the MGGG System

Products are the Business: Paulette points out how important your digestive system is to your overall health and well-being. Many suffer from diagnosed disorders like, Crone’s disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Colitis. But beyond that, asks that we remember that 85% of our immune system functions within our digestive tract. Melaleuca’s FiberWise, Florify, and Cold Water Omega 3 all help fortify these functions, which she points out, can be a big influence in causing common depression in some cases. She will be posting a link to information on the blogspot about digestive health and depression, soon. Look for it.

Cisco Holland joined Paulette for a unique “simulcast” of the balance of our leadership call. Cisco took us through a really informative discussion of our Make Green Go Green system of duplicating our leadership. He, first, takes us through the login and set up of your site to tie it back to you and leading to your branding and the branding of your Melaleuca business. Don’t forget to change your Melaleuca status at login or merely click the “no status change” option.

He travels to Make Green University and the various sections of action for subscribers to send Homework Lessons, set up APD (accelerated path to director) strategy sessions) and Paulette emphasizes that, “the APD has been the missing step for most Melaleuca businesses. Cisco goes on to review the elements of the “contact list” review and sharing the approach section of MGGG to assist you in choosing the correct approach.

For those more complicated or sophisticated approaches, he shows us how to make use of the “target marketing” section of MGGG by using specific products or the special profiles of similar personalities and lifestyles of those with whom you are setting your appointments. He is thorough and informative. Cisco then went on to answer some “live” questions and indicated that he would answer the balance of that dynamic either here on the blogspot or directly. To Subscribe to MGGG:

There are only 290 days until Convention 2015. Start or continue preparing your “travel team”, NOW.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Keep It Simple With Melaleuca and Make It Simple With MGGG

Products are the Business: Today, Paulette re-introduces us to the “Grease Cutting” Pack Special. At $9.38 you will save $2.00, when you buy this dynamic grease cutting duo of MelaMagic and Tough and Tender. Learn all about how and why they work so well.

The July incentives are all about sharing the Learn to Earn videos and staying on top of your businesses’ Pacesetter re-sets. That’s getting back to the core of your business and that is the best incentive of all.

In the Business Development segment you will find out why keeping it simple is so smart. Don’t overwhelm your people (existing or potential) with your knowledge. Come up for air and let them process your education in “bite-size” pieces.

Ed tells some alarming data about the number of 2s and 3s that are not initiating at the level that predicts success. Ed says, “that ain’t good.”

Paulette then begins a discussion of the simple concepts that make the Melaleuca business model unique in its’ potential. She and Ed also discuss the charter principles behind the establishment of the makegreengogreen system and how it raises the percentage of your success by being a “Constant Coach” for your people to turn to, even when you are not there.

Next week’s Leadership Connection call will be a simulcast of Cisco Holland explaining the “Constant Coach” system and how it can help you with everything from the Homework Lesson to the Target Marketing tools. Be sure to register early, seats are limited. Click here to register.

There are 4 new Delivering Wellness webinars in addition to the existing schedule, making it easier for you to coordinate your team’s attendance. They are linked right here on the blogspot.

MAKE NOTE: there are just 297 days til Convention 2015, then TAKE ACTION.
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